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Hosted by FreshAz Education Ltd, NZ

This conference is hosted by FreshAz Education Ltd (est.2006) and staffed by registered teachers, Ph.D experts and support crews. The KidzConference  is one of several portfolios on offer, typically involving 250 students and 70+ community members. It's aim is to equip students and the community to innovate and contribute - starting locally and ultimately, reaching globally...

Inviting all 8-13 year olds - and older!


The Wairarapa KidzConference is open to any school and any family with 8-13 year olds. It's supported by approx 30 community groups and businesses who open their doors for the day - for the kids to experience something new... For 2020, we'll be including volunteer service experiences with local and international opportunities.

There'll be new KidzClubz they can all join; awesome scope to 'make some money' and scope to join our i-Matter programme... Older students are welcome to join us as presenters, chaperones or leaders. A special invite goes to Y9-11 students who've been a 'KidzConference' kid in any previous conference - especially the 2016-2018 conferences.



Our Community


The Wairarapa KidzConference was established in 2015 - a portfolio of FreshAz Education Ltd (est2006).

It's an enrichment and extension programme, designed, developed and operated by FreshAz Education Ltd, following MoE research 'n development, eFellowship awards and the DEANZ Award. 


FreshAz Education Ltd is a mobile teaching, learning and professional support service. It's focused on helping extend educational impact within local and international arenas, for small business and education sectors in particular.

This year, we're also aligned to countries along 'The New Silk Road' through South East - Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe. With this, we've been tasked to design and develop one of  NZ's newest education companies: 
The Koru Training Centre.


'FreshAz' is also contracted in consultancy, intervention and change management fields...


Workshops Galore!


The 2020 KidzConference offers a wide range of workshop options for students to express an interest in 6-8 of them.  We place them into 3 workshops (unless they chose RivenRock Park - which covers two workshops slots). If you're keen to expose what you do - that kids could do, be a 'Workshop Presenter' for them! We're looking to cover as many bases as possible, from agriculture, to engineering, design, micro-enterprise, culinary arts, budgeting etc. 

Sponsors Invited


Over the past four years, more than 240 students have been sponsored by businesses, to attend the KidzConferences. Businesses have sponsored tickets,  spot prizes, through to buses and everything from refreshments for presenters, to cricket sets, room hire, marketing and voluntary 'chaperone' support. If keen to help us, please check out the options here...

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