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2015: Workshops

Students chose 3 workshops (or had them chosen for them).
Each workshop ran between 45 mins-1.5 hours, depending on bus travel....

The RegOnline tool enabled parents/schools to select and pay for them.


Transport to and fro the 'out 'n about' workshops was provided - and was built into the timing of sessions accordingly. Schools and parents arranged transport for students to the Copthorne for an 8.30am start and 3pm departure.

The Wee Red Barn

Just what goes on behind the scenes at the Wee Red Barn? Find out and get involved! Get ready to pick scrumptious berries and possibly potatoes, perhaps even pack them and meet the animals..

Learn to play chess

Kings rule, Queens get to go everywhere, Knights get to do some serious damage and as for the Pawns, don't underestimate them!  For an hour - control them all!

Digital world/ photography

What are the latest trends in Digital Photography and more? Get to take photos, process them and actually do something with them. Moving on, would an Online Photography Club be cool?

Pukaha Ranger

Be a Pukaha Mt Bruce ranger and work with the team to restore the kiwi houses, build enrichment toys for the cheeky kaka and pot seedlings for Mt Bruce. Session 3 workshop is now full.

Operation Christmas Child

There are some parents in the world too poor to give presents, so filing a shoebox with gifts helps!  Tune in how this project is also helping Vanuatu now too. Learn more and design a KidzClub here.

Paint a mural

On a bend in Lincoln road, way down past McDonalds in Masterton, is a building that's often tagged. This workshop sees you painting a mural, stencilled for make an impact on our environment.

Cupcake decorating

Spoil yourself for an hour, working your magic on cupcakes. Learn new decorating skills - learn off each other and treat someone afterwards with your artistic flair.

This workshop is almost booked out!

High/ low ropes

Take on the increasingly popular High Ropes / Low Ropes activity. Love the views, test out your strength and develop truckloads of courage and can-do attitudes!

(This workshop is full)

Rotation Stations

This is available as the last workshop only. You'll get to give feedback about your conference experience, catchup with the keynote speakers in person, and generally get a taste of several workshops and conference activities in one go. A real smorgasbord!


Create cards and a gift box

Learn some stamping techniques to make a card and cool gift box with colour and “bling” to take to share with your friends or family.

Rock climbing and abseiling

If you love an ultimate challenge, would like to strengthen up your stamina, increase your courage, overcome your fear of heights, this workshop is for you!  

Furniture facelifts

What's the trick in stripping down an old piece of furniture and making it one of the funkiest pieces around?  What does it take? Could you do this long term...?


Stain glass cookies

The title says it all really... You not only get the cookies to look like there's stained glass in them - you also get to eat them! Reserve one for me please (calls Jo!).


Golf driving range

Who's up for whacking a little white ball as far as you can! Learn the skills of holding a golf stick and the satisfaction of connecting and watching your ball fly through the air. Maybe you're the new Lydia Ko!

Make a meal

Yum, Food! Work with a mentor from the industrial kitchens at UCOL and create your piece de la resistance meal.

Farm visit and planting

Come and visit Matt and Lynley Wyeth's  multi award winning sheep and beef farm. Experience first hand what it's like to shear a sheep , plant some trees and take a walk around a stunning , well established wetland. You might even get to cuddle Friendly Franklin, the 1000kg Bull!

Paint with acrylics

Fancy yourself as an artist; Van Gogh or Monet. Ian at King Street Gallery will share his expertise at working with acrylics on canvas AND you get to take your artwork home..

Timetable (includes travel if necessary)

  • 08.30am: Arrive at the Copthorne (or from 8.15 if desired).
    GO TO THE OLD COBB  'n CO BUILDING TO SIGN IN. With 200 students to issue lanyards to, please arrive for the 8.30 start.

  • 08.45am: Welcome (by Mayor Lyn) and Powhiri
    Students will be escorted to the main auditorium from the Cobb 'n Co buidling by our volunteers from 8.30am.

  • 08.55am: Keynote Speaker

  • 09.45am: Workshop 1

  • 11.30am: Workshop 2

  • 01.30pm: Workshop 3

  • 02.30pm: Keynote Speaker 2 (and maybe 3)

  • 02.45pm: Prizes and closing

  • 03.00pm: Finish
    Please come into the OLD COBB 'n CO building to collect your children. There'll be district based 'HUBS' e.g. Carterton, South Wairarapa etc inside, which is where your child should be.

Architectural design

The Lansdowne shopping area is about to have thee most amazing facelift, and the Masterton District Council wants your say in it!  Come and design what could be do'able.

Life in Uganda

Leading this workshop are our amazing NZ keynote speakers, who've lived in Uganda. Experience a little of it. Ugandan food, clothes, games, and help us figure out how we can help the project they're part of.


Hang out with one of Masterton's craftsmen, specialising in making pottery. We suggest you bring an old shirt, patience galore and relish the idea of getting rather gooey!

(This workshop is full)


Learn to lead through sport

You'll love this guy - Mr Doug Bracewell.... He's got a stunning variety of activities to help you become a great leader. Tune in his suggestions and activities well.


Special effects makeup

Here's where you are allowed to leave cuts and bruises on someone else!  Learn how to do special effects makeup, designing cuts and bruises. (This workshop is full)


IT workshop

Experience life online using Adobe Voice. Work on iPads or Laptops to create a personalised story, thanks to our digitalised gurus Minty and Bek.

Hunt, fish 'n surf

The award winning author Paul Adamson is willing to share his expertise about Hunting and Fishing in the new Digitalised Library. Be the first to experience this amazing technology.

Ultimate frisbee

How cool is this? Have you ever picked up a Frisbee and chucked it straight into the tree, or has it  landed 2 feet in front of you.. Well, here's where you can learn how to throw a Frisbee, and play a team game when you have mastered it.

Wet 'n wild

This workshop will see you bused to the Genesis Recreation Centre for Underwater Hockey and some wet 'n wild time with individual and team fun. 



  • own healthy lunch

  • sunhat

  • medications if necessary

  • jacket

  • togs if applicable

Students need to bring:

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