Previous Workshops
FYI: Here's how this reality has 'appeared' prior to previous KidzConferences. 

Most workshops had just 12 spaces available - a call the community 'presenters' make. We strongly encouraged kids to opt for workshops they'd not done before - so places remained open for those yet to experience it (especially Special Effects, High Ropes and Pottery).


Workshops marked with an * still had places on the day. When registering, it's just a process that locks in participation and initial payments can be made.


On March 1st, once community presenters have confirmed that they're running something for the kids,  'bookings open'... We required kids to identify 6 choices and we placed them into the workshops that were still available.


It's a first in first served basis. We add names to a waiting list for workshops that fill up fast - but this list also gives the community presenter the scope to run their workshop as an upcoming after school or holiday based session - or extend to an actual 'new club'!

($17.50: Filled up within a week*)
(Free: Popular / filled up fast*)

Here's where confidence gots to climb the wall and can-do attitudes went to a new level. Hosted by the Wairarapa Outdoor Pursuits team, kids were bused to Equippers and guided up the wall... Cost covered extra staff necessary, regards a higher level of Health & Safety support.

Students come to this workshop for a look behind the scenes. If there's surgery in progress, kids will get to see this. They asked questions - found out how big Gold Fish can grow etc... Kids were bused to Animates. This was a free workshop.

($5.00: Popular / filled up fast*)

This was a new workshop for the KidzConference 2018 and was open to 9 year olds and above. Students could practice the art of focus, concentration, coordination, balance and stability. Gaining clarity of mind alongside was all encompassing, This was held on the grounds near the Solway Cafe.

Art of Photography

Bring your own device - was encouraged!

Students came along to this free workshop with Photographer David Lupton. They pressed flowers with a microwave, photographyed them with e.g iPads and cellphone, making bookmarks, pressed flower jewellery, badges etc.



The Kings ruled, the Queens got to go everywhere, Knights got to do some serious damage and as for the Pawns, it was 'don't underestimate them'.  Students learnt new tricks, or simply came to learn how to play this. This was led by Marlin from Tripoli at the Copthorne.

Civil Engineering

Sima from Iran, has joined the FreshAz Education team on year, as our local 'Engineering' expert. One minute it was Chemical Engineering with her then 'Nek Minit' it was  Computer and Agricultural Engineering. It was Civil Engineering for the conference, with bridge building...

Clareville Bakery
(Free: Now full*)

New to the KidzConference recently was a workshop at the Clareville Bakery, with a hands-on sweet and savoury theme in store. The extra cost went toward the ingredients. Kids were bused out - and brought back in time for their next workshop at the Copthorne, or further north.


Coding is the future... Our lives roll with coding at the heart of it, from our remote controls to devices etc. When teaching kids how to code, critical thinking sharpens, greater levels of persistance and problem-solving kicks in - and maths and processing skills deepen.

Easter Treats
($10.00: Now full*)

Back by popular demand were the Easter Treats. The KidzConference falls close to Good Friday - so kids whol hoose this workshop got to contribute (gift) some Easter Treats come the following Sunday - if will power's possible!  Kids will be bused to UCol for this activity.


Also new to the KidzConference was a team from the increasingly popular Hunting and Fishing store. Two guys based themselves at the Copthorne, in one of the presentation rooms. Kids tuned in animal welfare when hunting, coupled with the safety of gear and people.

Golf Driving Range

Open just for the last workshop of the day, is the Golf Driving Range, Decision making & emotional resilience were key to good control. The $5 went towards a bucket of balls for each student.

High / Low Ropes
($17.50: Now full*)

Testing strength and developing can-do courage and attitudes is all go at this activity. But it sold out fast! This workshop was fully booked within 2-3 days of opening annually. The fee covers extra qualified instructors necessary for the health & safety of running this.

(Free: Now full*)

The team from the increasingly popular Hunting and Fishing store brought not only a fishing workshop but also a hunting one. Two guys based themselves at the Copthorne,, to up skill, present insights and general safety regards hunting.

Junior Lifeguarding

This one workshop saw kids bused to Belgravia (formerly known as Genesis) for at taste of Junior Lifeguarding. This too, was a new workshop for the KidzConferences - with after school potentially the follow-up to taking this experience to a whole new level, at the time.

Kraft Dat: Butterflies

Jan - our KidzConference administrator, is seriously into exposing others to the art of design and construction - with a future focused intent, or love for one another. There's one workshop available to create these butterfly mobiles. Plus invites to 'on-share' skills learnt.

Kraft Dat: Easter
($8.00 - eggs included)

To serve others, to think of others - is a zone kids are developing and will continue to do so, long into adulthood. This workshop enables them to follow instructions, create and then give their gift away. They're contributing, This workshop will beem out of 'the office' - it's onsite.

Laser & 3D Printing
(Free: Now full*)

3D printing's all the rage now and an insight into what's involved is live at the KidzConference again this year. There's a design technology angle involved - and kids will be bused into town to take part in this - at the library. A perfect focus on innovation, creativity & enterprise reigns!


Join local scultpure and potter Sam Ludden in his studio on Victoria Street. This has been one of the most popular workshops and it's a workshop students are keen to come back to again. Each time, what's made is different...KidzConference day is an introduction to this art form.

Pukaha Ranger

Learn to be a Pukaha Junior Ranger. Make enrichment toys for the kaka at Mt Bruce / Pukaha, and create gecko environments. You'll even get to undertake a mini-BioBlitz, tuning in the world of Biodiversity! How many creatures are living in your backyard?

S.A.S.S Fit

How fit are our kids? This workshop will take fitness it to a whole new level. Girls and boys welcome! This is a strengthening and conditioning fitness programme - typically for police, military and athletes. It's similar to CrossFit. After the conference - they're running afterschool clubs!

Rhythm & Sound

New to the KidzConference this year, is this very, very cool workshop. It's a workshop that we'll aim to see represented in performance mode on stage before and after the three workshop slots also - onsite. It's a gorgeously 'hot' music slot - with percussion from around the world.

Special Effects
($10.00: Now full*)

Kids designed cuts and bruises but painlessly managed them. This workshop gets booked out so fast, but please - let others have a turn with this, if you've already been to it previously. Warning to parents - this workshop will look as though we seriously injured your child...!

Underwater Hockey
($5.00: Now full)

Back by popular demand - Underwater Hockey was available, with scope back  join an After School Programme with these as well. We've invested in our own gear now - so experience it with the view that it can become a longer term activity - in the Copthorne indoor pool.

Wee Red Barn

This is so popular that there are some kids who return year after year for more time with it (and that's okay - Dot can cater for large groups). Kids are bused to this workshop on its' own turf - and tune in realities around both produce and animal life out there.


This is a massively popular workshop and the art of construction is extremely well guided and equipped... Safety gear is catered for all and all students participate in a hands-on construction, they're able to take home. Tool management, precision and creativity reigns.

Youth Enterprise
($10.00: to run one)
(or $5.00 to spend at it)

$5.00: Either it's to spend at the KidzConference Trade 'n Enterprise 3.00pm - 4.00pm slot, or it goes towards setting up an actual stall to provide free information, or provide a product or service for sale. You could even seek sponsorship for an activity coming up (e.g. Spellathon, or trip to Japan, or to even help sponsor an Orangutan in rehab, as one girl's done for 3 years now etc).

Making an impact - contributing - earning.

This is available for Workshop 3 only and involves learning how to be enterprising, before actively participating alongside others. We then all pitch in to help others set up their stall (if they're at another workshop) - or to stay and set up 'your own' stall. If staying to set up a stall - you get the $5 back to spend! Those with a stall, donate their $5 toward the 'hirage' of their spot (like a boot sale fee).

* Full Workshops:
Families were encouraged to email us, to be added to our waiting lists for further opportunities... Families or schools identified which workshops they'd like to be aligned to and the names and ages of kids to be involved. This was considered an 'Expression of Interest'.

PS: If you've got what it takes to offer as a workshop for kids - email us also, for either/or KidzClubz or the KidzConference 2020.

2021 Workshops will start loading up late January '21

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