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KidzConference Workshops 2021

From March 1st: Identify what you'd love to do!


January-February: We hunted them down...
We listened to kids, who made suggestions. We confirmed ones locked in for the last conference and so on. Enjoy now - all that's on offer ... (We have a few workshops still in 'conversation mode', following some requests, but will update registered families/teams once all's locked in. That'll give you scope to tweak the preferences you've sent through, if desired).


Scroll through all below... Write down 6 workshops you'd love to go to, then click the 'SELECT WORKSHOPS' button at the end, to enter your choices. Also identify the 3 you'd MOST like to go to. For those of you who've paid your registration fee, we'll process your choices first. If you've not registered and paid the rego fee yet, please complete the registration form HERE (it's for a different audience, tracking different details).  Enjoy..!


Canoe Skills

New to our KidzConferences!

Open to 30 students.
(10 per workshop - almost full)

Long term opportunities available.


Prizes Galore! It's even a sport that can be continued with long after the KidzConference Day is over.

Thanks to the team at the Masterton Pols for developing these options for kids in our community!

Wee Red Barn

A firm favourite of many!

Open to 20 students.


This is so popular, some kids return year after year to enjoy this workshop.

Take a look behind the scenes - just what does go on at the Wee Red Barn - even learn how to pick strawberries correctly, and actually pick some!

Thanks for your support Dot & team!


Also new to our KidzConferences!

Open to 30 students.

(10 students per workshop)

Long term opportunities available.


The Kids Zumba team offer this as a sport to continue with long after the KidzConference Day is over also. 

Thanks to this team at the Masterton Pools for offering this! Prizes Galore!

fit kdis.jpg

Kids Bootcamp

A new workshop for us!

Kids Circuit Training.

Open to 30 students.

(10 students per workshop)

Long term opportunities available.

The team at 'the pools' again - have offered this - with Prizes Galore here as well!

Special Effects

FEE: $10.00
A much loved workshop!

Open to 14 students per workshop.

This is an absolutely huge hit with the kids every year. Artist Tracey Clark coaches the art of theatrical make-up.

The kids team up as artists and models, walking away with huge grins and the urge to 'shock'! (It rather looks like the kids ended up worse for wear - and we ran out of bandaids!)

Light it up!

FEE: $8.00

Another much loved workshop!

Open to 12 students per workshop. You'll get to make 2-3 of these houses.


Close to My Heart scrapbook and craft consultants from Greytown engage team after team, year after year with cute creations. They're also doing Spin Cards and Wooden Albums.


Engineering incl:Welding

New to the KidzConference!

We have some keen kids who want a good insight into Welding / Engineering.

We have LAMBERTS ENGINEERING as our presenters, thanks to Peter and John. Open to 8 kids. 


Lamberts have also recommended another Engineering workshop for more kids to enjoy this, so watch this space!

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 11.35.54

Pizza Making

FEE: $6.00
Check out

Big Ev is the guy who's coming to train students in the art and science of making pizza!

He'll talk about the ingredients in the sauces and will even try to get homegrown meats and local cheeses to be donated by local producers. The fee just covers the dough and other ingredients - and a tiny donation toward the hire of the commercial kitchen we need.


FEE: $5.00
For 11-13 year olds only.

We've had student request for this and it's all go! Chris will join us again and set himself up on the Soulway Church grounds.

Long term opportunities are also available - including competitions!

Apache Jacks

...we've approached the manager following a heads' up referral - and just awaiting follow-through. 

It's been a popular choice!

This will hopefully be a behind the scenes look for anyone keen to get into the hospitality industry...

Awaiting feedback - hopefully during the week just before the conference.


FEE: $4.00
A team of girls at Eketahuna School are so passionately keen on horses, that they asked if we could get a 'Horsie' workshop added here.

It's now confirmed!A lady from Otaki - Jo Andrews, with her friend Linda Topp, will focus on Horsemanship.

This workshop won't involve a ride, but it will involve 3 horses - with 3 kids teamed up per horse. 

This workshop will include training in Horsemanship, grooming, feeding and handling.

Make Money

FEE $5.00
In the lead up to the KidzConference, become one of its' Mini Marketeers.

Organise something you can make money from. As the last workshop for the day opens, join the other Mini Marketeers to set up your stall and learn the art of sales, marketing and 'future' business opportunities.

Take all the money you earn - home! Please pay back any 'expenses' to your parents for example.



Tips 'n Tricks

FEE: $12.00
New to the KidzConference!

Open to 60 students

(20 per workshop session)

Learn new tips and tricks - and even consider joining the Onboard Skateboard team - coming to Masterton - long term!  View for more...

Wooden Albums

FEE: $20.00
Calling all photographers and craft and scrapbook enthusiasts!

Put together a gorgeous wooden album, for yourself (or perhaps even for Mother's Day).


Set up the book, to add photos into, on the day, or after.


FEE: $10.00

Make these absolutely stunning cards!

They've got a very professional look 'n feel about them; are interactive in style and of the kind that would sell extremely well.


You could even consider 'actually' selling some at the KidzConference Mini Market at 3pm - if you'd like.



FEE: $5.00 
Plus a Rivenrock subsidised hire of a bike if unable to have one. If need one (sorry, but...) they say it's $45.00 hire per bike.


It's a double workshop open to 30 students! It's a BMX enthusiasts dream! Should this be hugely popular, we'll arrange a Saturday afternoon for another stint.

Catch: ideally bring your bike - we'll have a trailer to take them out (with a car - behind the bus). It'll save invoicing you for the hireage of one. 


and Swing

FEE: $10.00

(This is a $15.00 workshop+ GST, but we'll waiver $5.00 - your rego fee can include the $5.00 portion.

Once known as 'Abseiling' this returns by popular demand, with even more! It's typically a sell-out workshop, with a waiting list that evolves... Build confidence, resilience and grit.


Wacky Art
at Aratoi


Explore the wacky art of painter Rob Mcleod with us. You will be instantly drawn to the comic book and cartoon styled images of McLeod's bright paintings.

Learn about his art process and where his inspiration comes from. Then get hands on making an 'out of this world' character of your own. 


Can't choose? Opt for our Smorgasbord option.

Get to cruise around as a photographer, with a little hands on in places - from Special Effects to craft activities and a few of the out 'n about workshops, including Kids Zumba and Aratoi

Join our KidzConference 'taxi' Chaperones for the fun!


Back by popular demand?!

A Hunting Workshop

(just not out 'actually hunting'.

Watch this space
- more details are coming.

Numbers: TBC

Select this if keen!


Be inspired with a 'living their dream' work place. Just how did a HOBBY turn into a family business?

Hear how a local hobby even makes an impact at a Global level!


A great insight for budding mechanics - and general hobby enthusiasts. Hear the 'tricks' behind the business, that could turn any hobby into a business - long term.

Treats for Kids


Check out our KidzClubz area at 3pm, at the Copthorne, when picking up your child. One of the key purposes of the KidzConference is to increase the number of 'Clubs' on offer for kids - moving on... 

Come and design one! As you wander around - you'll be among the Youth Enterprise KidzClub - young entrepreneurs with sales and services on the go... But, there are Squash Squads to join, ePal Clubz and more...



What's there to know about having a motorbike?

Tune in realities around riding one and maintaining one.

How about Motorbike Trials or Motorcross? Learn more...

This has just come up as an idea - so watch this space. Select it regardless - we'll confirm either way.



Try Squash!

There are such things as Youth Nights and clubs around the region are always looking for new players.

It's looking like RedStar might be able to pull off some workshops for us. They're just checking at one of their meetings this week.

I'd say - count this workshop in. Select it as one of you options if keen and we'll keep you posted!

VR Lounge

FEE: $5.00
The VR & Gaming Lounge was recommended by a parent registering her children for the 2021 KidzConference.

Raymond's all good to take on 60 kids - in two groups of 20! You'll get to use the VR headsets, hear about all else he's got on offer - compete in some board games and interact with others when on head sets. 


Behind the scene!

Go behind the scenes of the Aratoi Museum! 

Delve further into the wonderous world of Museums; examine curious objects from our collection, learn how we preserve and keep them safe, and be inspired to create a mini museum of your own. 

This would be so cool!

Far out!

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 9.00.14 PM.png


This was a gorgeous word-of-mouth recommendation! Friends of Wairarapa Eggs (from Clareville Bakery) suggested these guys!

Here's an awesome 'behind the scenes' look. Learn the Science behind the life cycle of an egg - in both a hands on and listen and learn manner. 20 kids at a time can go - but split into two groups once on site! Eggs-citing!

compost jar.jpg

in a Jar

How cool is this...?

Fernridge School are partnering with the KidzConference - with a really cool Enviro activity!

Learn about the art and science of composting - get your head around what goes in the jar - then think big for wherever else you could do the same thing!

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.07.17


To quote the site, this is involves a "Limitless Imagination with Little Bits!"

"Sphero makes remarkably cool, programmable robots and STEAM-based educational tools that transform the way kids learn, create and invent through coding, science, music, and art.

Hosted by Fernridge School!

Students there, will actually lead this workshop! How cool is that?!


Farm Life!

(Probably FREE)
Said one kid recently:
"Can we have a workshop on a farm, please? I think want to be a farmer. But, I've haven't been on a farm yet. 

We've put the word out - but need to give the farm some time to work on this idea... Our Plan A, B & C farms - can't though, so we've contacted another possibility.

Watch this space! Still put this down, if you're keen though... 


Police Force

Thanks to another recommendation, we have an insight look into being in the Police Force!

Coming to the Copthorne, onto the front lawn, will be tent, a VR (Virtual Reality) unit and several police vehicles. I wonder if that includes the police tractor? It was spied at Wings over Wairarapa events.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 11.01.08


Calling all interested kids who love to paint! 

Introducing Ventana!

Based in Martinborough, Becs Reilly's going to come up and run a painting workshop!

But wait - there's an invite beyond the KidzConference Day also! Art classes in Marty are on offer soon after also... 

Mini Market

FreshAz Education Ltd is seriously into Youth Enterprise work (not programmes per-say) but a chance to develop a small business.


It's also into having adults have a stall as well - for the kids to see in action as a model!  

So, at 3pm, we run a Mini Market. On the Workshop form, there's also an Optional Extras area. Let us know if a kid-run stall is also something you'll opt to. We'll book you a space and contact you to chat more...



To the community presenters who'll be fronting these workshops - thank you!


There are 31 workshops on offer here - but with most presenters having other presenters helping alongside - there's a good 31-50 people from around the Wairarapa - primed to pull off the day!


Thanks in advance for making what'll be a 'Memory Making Day'!


Workshops presenters wanted, for 8-13 year old - for our KidzClubz, moving forward!

Join us, to present workshops during the holidays, every 2nd Saturday perhaps, on a given day - or simply online direct.

Workshops can be a mix of online and face-to-face and we've got what it takes to pull off the online component.

Start anytime - you're the expert - we'll be your broker and spread the word!


...of Interest: That's how we manage who goes where with the KidzConference workshops.

Due to the logistical management, demand and often tricky reality of workshops, we have to ask students to simply identify 6 workshops of choice in order of preference.


 If demand is high, we create waiting lists - which can create new classes during the term, ahead also.  We'll let you know which workshop you get into as we process them.

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 12.24.17

Registration Closes 9pm Monday 29/3/21



(Early Bird registrations received prior to February 2021: $35.00; Eketahuna School 'subsidised' (by Home & School) to $20.00).



Account details will be presented as you submit your registration. We'll invoice as a back-up if necessary.


Registration for groups closes Friday 26/3/21

Registration for:


NOTE: We'll send you a workshop 'Expression of Interest' form customised for groups to print off for student selection.



Subsidy qualifies for 10 or more students, where there's just one adult to liaise with, for cost & time effective realities).


...these close 9pm Monday 29/3/21


Identify 6 workshops that interest your child. We'll place them in the 3 workshop slots and will text you the options allocated.



Note: Exception to the '3 workshops' rule is Rivenrock - as this needs a 'double' slot. The slot's split into '2 components/workshops'.

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