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January-February: We're hunting them down!
As each is confirmed, we'll load them below.

March: They're available to book!

We run an order of preference 'Expression of Interest' process, which grants students access to workshops according to a first in first served basis. First in first served will apply to those who've had their Registration / Booking Fee only.


  1. Scroll through the workshops below

  2. Scribble down EIGHT  that grab your child's interest' (or that interest you, for them).

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  4. We'll allocate THREE accordingly to your preference and the logistics that fit alongside.

Below are the workshops that were confirmed for the (then postponed) 2020 KidzConference. We'll start by reconfirming that these are still available for the 2021 KidzConference. It's exciting! If you know of possible activities that could be part of the KidzConference, please let us know. All must be within a 25 min drive from the Copthorne and not cost more than an extra $20.00 per student.

Many Thanks! Jo & team

027 686 0140

Aqua Touch

New to our KidzConferences!

Open to 20 students.

Long term opportunities available.


The Aqua Touch team offer Aqua Touch as a sport to continue with long after the KidzConference Day is over.

Thanks to the team for developing more options for kids in our community!

Wee Red Barn

A firm favourite of many!

Open to 20 students.

This is so popular, some kids return year after year to enjoy this workshop.

Take a look behind the scenes - just what does go on at the Wee Red Barn - even learn how to pick strawberries correctly, and actually pick some!


Also new to our KidzConferences!

Open to 20 students per workshop.

Long term opportunities available.


The Kids Zumba team offer this as a sport to continue with long after the KidzConference Day is over.

Thanks to this team also for developing more options for kids in our community.

Underwater Hockey

Another firm favourite of many!

Open to 20 students.

Long term opportunities available.

The team at 'the pools' are keen to provide this as a team sport, following the KidzConference. Equipment is provided on the day.

Special Effects

A much loved workshop!

Open to 14 students per workshop.

This is an absolutely huge hit with the kids every year. Artist Tracey Clark coaches the art of theatrical make-up.

The kids team up as artists and models, walking away with huge grins and the urge to 'shock'!  FEE: $10.00

Light it up!

Another much loved workshop!

Open to 12 students per workshop.


Close to My Heart scrapbook and craft consultants from Greytown engage team after team, year after year with cute creations.

Enjoy making creations that light up!

A taste of Japan

Ryo, from Japan is in the Wairarapa until November. He's joining us to give the KidzConference a Taste of Japan, from origami, to treats, some language learning and more!
FEE: $5.00


Ju Jitsu - get a taste of this, with lessons around respect, team work, listening skills , cooperation, honesty, bully protection and more rolled in! Long term opportunities are possible. Get a taste now.


For 11-13 year olds only.

We've had student request for this and a team of archers have been approached to join us again.

This will run down at the Solway Showgrounds. 

Clareville Bakery

Back by popular demand by previous KidzConference kids.

Enjoy a behind the scenes insight, enjoy a hands on activity and walk away with something to eat as part of your time with the Clareville team.

Photograhy  @ Aratoi

Using an artist modal to inspire your own creations.

Be inspired by our new photography exhibition at Aratoi.

Learn about the art practice of artists or photographers for example, as applicable to the timing of the KidzConference.

Drawing @ Aratoi

Exploring with art medium. Come experience the joy of creating with the Aratoi Education Team.  

This workshop will help nurture a creative and open minded approach to exploring the endless possibilities of drawing.

Use weird and wonderful mark making tools, experiment with print techniques, and learn to draw detail with ink.


A team of girls at one school are so passionately keen on horses, that they would love to share their passion with others.

Patting, grooming, feeding - and perhaps even a ride if possible, has been requested.

WANTED: A 'presenter' to help pull this off for us though. Add to your Expression of Interest still, if up for this one.

Make  Money!

Before the KidzConference, become one of its' Mini Marketeers. Organise something you can make money from. As the last workshop for the day, join the other Mini Marketeers to set up your stall and learn the art of sales, marketing and 'future' business opportunities. Take all the money you earn - home!

Sign Language

As requested by a team of  Eketahuna School 10 year olds! One student's brother has created a ripple effect of inspiration. We need a tutor though! If keen - express an interest either way and we'll feature this at the Conference.

Wooden Albums

Calling all photographers and craft and scrapbook enthusiasts!
FEE: $10.00
Put together a gorgeous wooden album, for yourself (or perhaps even for Mother's Day). Set up the book, to add photos into, on the day, or after.

Spin Cards

Make these absolutely stunning cards! They've got a very professional look 'n feel about them; are interactive in style and of the kind that would sell extremely well. You could even consider 'actually' selling some at the KidzConference Mini Market at 3pm - if you'd like.



This is a real gem, coming highly recommended by KidsConference Student Leaders. It's a double workshop open to 30 students! It's a BMX enthusiasts dream! Should this be hugely popular, we'll arrange a Saturday afternoon for another stint. FEE: $5.00


and Swing

Workshop FEE: $10.00

Bus fee: Covered by Rego fee

Once known as 'Abseiling' this returns by popular demand, with even more! It's typically a sell-out workshop, with a waiting list that evolves... Build confidence, resilience and grit determination!

High Ropes

Low Ropes

Workshop FEE $18.00

Bus fee: Covered by Rego fee.

This is a hugely popular workshop at every KidzConference held to date. Held at the Wairarapa Outdoor Pursuits Centre, this is takes confidence to a 'whole new level' - fully harnessed.

Food Tech

One of our massive KidzConference advocates brings her much loved food handling and study workshops - from UCOL into the commercial kitchen at Belgravia!. $5 FEE

We partner this year, with a new rep - set to take student food knowledge to a new level.


Here's a seriously cool gem! One of two schools have stepped into Workshop Presentation mode! A trip to Fernridge School will give students a Green/Gold experience where they'll walk away with an recycled planter, complete with seeds planted and a compost system - in a jar!

Digi Tech

MIS hosts this workshop!

Come and join the expert coders at MIS.

Try your hand at

  • Coding with Makey Makey

  • Coding with Code Combat -

  • Animation and Game design.

    Engaging ways to learn Computer Science.

    Invention kits for the 21st Century: Invention Literacy!


Here's a classic 'don't underestimate the kid'...

From Eketahuna School comes a request for a Ten Pin Bowling focus to see a School vs School competition or club!


So, let's trial it! Let's form teams of e.g. Masterton vs Carterton, or Eke vs Greytown etc!  Prizes include trophies! $5 FEE


Can't choose? Opt for our Smorgasbord option.

Get to cruise around as a photographer, with a little hands on in places - from Special Effects to craft activities and a few of the out 'n about workshops, including Kids Zumba and Aratoi

Join our KidzConference 'taxi' Chaperones for the fun!

Rotation Stations

Based at the Copthorne, we open the first of our Student Led Presenters this year.

Tune in 10 year website creators, a taste of Japanese, photography, Money making 'Youth Enterprise' ideas,  3D geometric shape creations and how to get a penpal from another country.


Be inspired with a 'living their dream' work place. Just how did a HOBBY turn into a family business? Hear how a local hobby even makes an impact at a Global level! A great insight for budding mechanics - and general hobby enthusiasts. Hear the 'tricks' behind the business, that could turn any hobby into a business - long term.


Check out our KidzClubz area at 3pm, at the Copthorne, when picking up your child. One of the key purposes of the KidzConference is to increase the number of 'Clubs' on offer for kids - moving on...


Workshops presenters wanted, for 8-13 year old - for our KidzClubz, moving forward!

Join us, to present workshops during the holidays, every 2nd Saturday perhaps, on a given day - or simply online direct.

Workshops can be a mix of online and face-to-face and we've got what it takes to pull off the online component.

Start anytime - you're the expert - we'll be your broker and spread the word!


...of Interest: That's how we manage who goes where with the KidzConference workshops.

Due to the logistical management, demand and often tricky reality of workshops, we have to ask students to simply identify 8 workshops of choice in order of preference.


 If demand is high, we create waiting lists - which can create new classes during the term, ahead also.  We'll let you know which workshop you get into as we process them.

Registration Closes 9pm Monday 29/3/21



(Early Bird registrations received prior to February 2021: $35.00; Eketahuna School 'subsidised' value: $20.00).



Account details will be presented as you submit your registration. We'll invoice as a back-up if necessary.

Registration for groups closes Friday 26/3/21



NOTE: We'll send you a workshop 'Expression of Interest' form customised for groups to print off for student selection.



Subsidy qualifies for 10 or more students, where there's just one adult to liaise with, for cost & time effective realities).

...these close 9pm Monday 29/3/21


Identify 8 workshops that interest your child. We'll place them in the 3 workshop slots and will text you the options allocated.



Note: Exception to the '3 workshops' rule is Rivenrock - as this needs a 'double' slot. The slot's split into '2 components/workshops'.

Form #1: Register 'for' the KidzConference.

Form #2: Identify Workshop preferences.

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