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What to bring?
  1. Your morning tea, lunch and a water bottle.

  2. A backpack with jacket: we expect rain!

  3. Pencil or pencil.

  4. Togs 'n towel if in a water-based workshop

  5. Pockets full of manners and positive ooze!

What to wear?

School sports uniform would be ideal - there's been everything from dirt, to paints, icing, abseiling and animals etc involved in the day. Come with clothes to suit your workshops. Leave uniforms at home, unless your school insists that you wear them.

KidzConference Day!

What to wear, where to go, what to bring,

what's what and who's  coming?



Where to go first?

Aim for the Copthorne, Solway Park, Masterton, from 8.00am (no earlier plz, we're setting up then). GO into the LOUNGE area and find your school 'sign in area' to collect your lanyard etc.  Please be patient if having to wait, we'll have approx 250 people to sign in, including adult volunteers.

  1. Some workshops are in the Copthorne...

  2. Many are 'out 'n about' with transport organised.

  3. We guide all workshop groups to their places, with their chaperone's from the podium in our main 'Auditorium' (Solway III & IV).

Who's who?

On site for the day, is highly likely to be:

  • 210 students - from 23 schools

  • school-based and homeschool-based kids

  • a team of staff - wearing blue 'Staff' lanyards - these include college age students.

  • Student leaders from Solway Primary and Eketahuna - who'll wear red lanyards

  • Key conference leaders: Jo, Jan, Soph, Tony, Roseanne

  • 40-50 community-based people running workshops - that involves the key presenter and their supporters;

  • 30'ish adult volunteers / chaperones - parents and grandparents...

  • tranzit bus drivers and a Bus Boss (Roseanne)

  • a whole crew of staff from the Copthorne

  • parent supporters / helpers

Timetable guide

8.00-8.30: Arrive at the Copthorne

8.20-8.30: Volunteers will escort students to the main conference room for the karakia, welcome, introductions and orientation.

9.10:am Spotlights' followed by workshop orientation.


9.30: Workshop 1 (includes morning tea)

11.00: Workshop 2

12.30: Lunch (BYO) / Adults catered.

1.00: Workshop 3


2.30: Prizes, Feedback and Closing


3.00: Collect students from within the Copthorne:
Wait by the FOYER to see them coming thru - please don't come into the Audi - there's no seating etc.


3.00pm-4.00pm: KidzConference Mini Market!
You're invited to stay on with your kids and enjoy the Public and Student Trades and Enterprise Stall.
Items for $1.00 - $10.00 for sale.


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