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Mini Market Details

For stall holders: On THE DAY

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The day...

Bring the 'stuff' for your stall, to the Copthorne on KidzConference Day.


If someone's dropping them off 'later' all must be onsite by 2.30pm.


If gear's arriving before 8.30am, ask for JAKOB and KATELYN (Y9-10 students). They'll show you where we will store them for the day.


Sign in first - in the Lounge, just past the reception desk (find the table with your school's name to get your welcome pack). 

Arts & Crafts

Setting up

During Workshop 3 when you're off enjoying it, a crew of STUDENT LEADERS and EVENT STAFF,  will (carefully) put your items on your stall.


The Copthorne's 'Lounge', (where everyone picked up their welcome pack by 8.30am), transforms into the MINI MARKET space. 


When everyone finishes Workshop 3, and returns to the 'Audi' for the final get together, kids like you are excused - to set up.


Float: $$$

You'll need to bring a FLOAT - which is a little bit of money you can give as 'change'.


Most likely, the first customers will rock up with a $5.00 note, or $10.00 note, or even a $20.00 note (that they might share with other siblings at the KidzConference).


If anyone comes with $10.00 to buy something for $2.00 you'll need change to give them. The float helps.


Be happy with whatever you bring - most people look, some will buy, so aim for those who'll buy.


You don't need to prepare for 240 kids and all the adults.


If even 10% buy that's 24-30 sales/people.  Kids and adults are your 'customers'.

You can plan to run out with an order form ready - to get a parent phone number to arrange collection.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 3.01.19 PM.png

Thank you

Kids, always remember to say thank you for every  sale.

Having the nicest experience as a customer is more likely to get you more sales!

The happy customers are more likely to tell others about your stall and show others what they've bought.

Family at the Christmas Market


Even enjoy the other stalls. You'll need to have two others helping you, so that you can take turns to 'shop' around. Learn how others run their stall - as ideas for next year, if you're keen. 

All up - have fun and enjoy your small business!


If someone (parent?) used their money to buy things for your stall, you really should pay them back.


This money can come from the money you got at your stall.


If you bought the stuff (e.g. face paint or cup cake mix), then maybe all the money you got at your stall is your profit!

Accounting Tasks


The money you end up with, after paying the costs back, is called your PROFIT.

If you worked as a team, divide the profit up, so you all get an equal share.


E.g. $30 divide by 3 friends (including you) = $10 each. How awesome!

Learn more about revenue, expenses and profit here.

All up: Create the fun & Enjoy the time!

For any further queries or needs
(e.g. access to power, or 'two tables' etc )
please contact Jo no later than
Tuesday 8pm, March 30th 2021


027 686 0140 or

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