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Next one: destined for 2023

COVID? With the awkwardness around the current Omicron reality, we need to play safe. Sorry everyone! 

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Speakers  Workshops
Market Stalls   Presentations
Challenges    Competitions
Leadership   Opportunities
and a lot more!

8-13 year olds
Consider joining us for a day that many other kids rave about!

Registration Fee: $60.00

Group Bookings
$40.00 per student Group size: 10+

FreshAz Education hosts Kidz4Kidz events such as these - giving students leadership and event management opportunities in the mix. Our team of educational 'architects invite local businesses and personnel to run workshops, be our chaperones for groups and provide stunning insights to local life, whet the appetite for career and co-curricula opportunities.

Wairarapa KidzConference


Kids welding? Kids as MCs? Kids as event managers?

Kids as Photo Journalists? Kids who have business cards?

Kids managing nearly $15k of event hungry finance? That's how it rolls with the Wairarapa KidzConference. The 'stuff' they learn enroute is huge! Here, they've got scope to seriously participate, contribute and make an impact - on themselves and for others. It's misty-eyed stuff.

"Can we see how a Hot Rod's built?" "Sure! Shall we see if you can get picked up in a Hot Rod - and taken to the workshop?" "Imagine an Underwater Hockey Club for kids?" "Awesome! Could we have Carterton vs Greytown Underwater Hockey Tournaments?" "Let's ask...!"  Kids get to have a say, on behalf of other kids - be 'architects' of this event and pull off a day for up to 320-350 students...

Come and join the fun!


About Us


The Wairarapa KidzConference is open to schools and families with 8-13 year olds.


It's supported by approx 30 community groups and businesses who open their doors for the day - so kids can experience something new...

There'll be new KidzClubz they can all join; awesome scope to 'make some money' and more.


Registered 'FreshAz Education Ltd' NZ Teachers and local business experts enable all that evolves. 30-40 volunteers 'chaperone' and logistically manage the event, connecting students to the community, to each other and to future focused opportunities.


The 2021 KidzConference offers a wide range of workshop options for students.


They'll identify 6 of them and we'll select 3 of these to do on the day - availability of spaces dependent. 

If you're keen to expose what you do - that kids could do, be a 'Workshop Presenter' for them!

We're looking to cover as many bases as possible, from agriculture, to engineering, design, micro-enterprise, culinary arts, budgeting etc. 

All endeavors to see kids adopt new interests, explore existing ones deeper and support local business growth - 'KidzClubz' new Squads or Junior reps etc.

“I'm never, never, never, never, ever, ever, ever gonna forget this [KidzConference] day!”

— Jackson, Year 6 student

“The prize table was sooooo cool! I'm sooo going to come back next year!”

— Lauren, Year 5 student

“Every single school should promote this to every single family. The stuff the kids learn and get to do is phenomenal. The way the kids conducted themselves was beyond belief. You lot should put these conferences on every term, every year!”

— Parent, of a rural school.

Hosted by FreshAz Education Ltd, NZ

This conference is hosted by FreshAz Education Ltd (est.2006) and staffed by registered teachers, Ph.D experts and support crews. The KidzConference  is one of several portfolios on offer, typically involving 250 students and 70+ community members. It's aim is to equip students and the community to innovate and contribute - starting locally and ultimately, reaching globally...

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