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Learn-Now 'FrontsUp4impact'

in association with FreshAz Education Ltd, Masterton

Learn-Now, established in 2001, is a blended-learning, mobile teaching and learning extension and enrichment service. It supports staff and students in the primary and intermediate sector, and has extended even into the tertiary sector, with e.g. training for lecturers ...


Ground in research and development, it received support from the Ministry of Education with developmental support from Core Education. After winning the DEANZ Award, Authentic Encounters Online (AEO) Ltd was formed - now known as FreshAz Education Ltd. From there, portfolios such as Learn-Now, KidzConferences, KidzClubz and the keen-to-be KidzConnectz roll within.


Initially based in Wellington, Learn-Now soon settled in the Wairarapa, requiring no-fixed-abode, aside from internet access for its eTeachers, coaches and participants.


Hitch a ride with us...

FreshAz Education Ltd currently works across the education sector from Primary to Tertiary, with Learn-Now the programme walking the talk, informing all cutting-edge elearning practices possible.  However, we also 'teach' like a regular teacher in classrooms also, part-time. Along with Learn-Now, it's had contracts as Instructional Designers and Educational Advisors for Unitec, Auckland, various training centres and a range of small business network support also. .


It's longest term focus covered a 10 year span working with Refugee and Migrant students - teaching English online.  . Recently, it's added Conferences4Kidz, running the KidzConference and has supported the formation of an Online Training Centre, teaching English to students along the Silk Road, partnered with Singapore and the Philippines in particular.


Learn-Now has a real heart for enabling students and their community to develop an empathetic sense of the world around them. Most students take part in Youth Enterprise programmes, International Virtual Field Trips, and social inquiry projects with a mission, a human need and future focused angle. They connect, collaborate, create and contribute, locally, nationally and internationally.


Inspired by such examples as the NZ Heifer Project in Uganda, and Operation Christmas Child, students explore, design and even implement ways they too can make an impact. Global Citizenship, Financial and Digital Literacy, Cybersafety and Social networking ettiquette is exposed enroute.


Given even an inkling of a chance, new innovations and projects, or support are designed and initiated... The latest initiative has adopted a Life Skills Coach - and a Chemical Engineer, who's about to tune students in to the world of engineering.

 The team

Jo Gibson: Director / Teacher

Tony Gibson: Marketing

Ingrid Blair: Teacher

Jan Thomas: eAdministrator

Francois Joubert: Life Skills Coach


Our most popular programme to date, is our Smorgasbord one. Schools enable us to design a programme with the kids, based on their interests, the global trends in education and highly recommended missions alongside. Our KidzConferences are running a close second though...or so it seems this year.

 Join us!

This year, in addition to Kidz Conferences, Learn-Now has increased its capacity to provide programmes, to more schools, along with teacher PD, afterschool and tuition programmes.


Email Jo for more info re: costs, proposals and further insights.

Typically though, fees are approximately $100 per student for teams of 12 students or more. This covers 8-9 weeks of lessons per term, running as a 2-3 hour long programme per week. Similar to the cost of a 1/2 day reliever. (Schools typically share 50/50 with parents - though some do pay full fees from all number of budgets)


Phone: 06 378 7000 or text/phone: 027 686 0140 or contact


Open to partnerships with other providers of conferences for kids...

Celebrating! 2020:

Our 5th Annual KidzConference


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