The KidzEnterprise 'Mini Market'

Trade and Enterprise Stalls: 3.00pm - 4.00pm

Trialed: KidzConference 2017  /  Piloted: 2018  / Rolling out: This year 2020 


Literacy, Numeracy and a range of key competencies fill the current curriculum in schools, with little time available to really delve deep into the world of Financial Literacy also.

Raising financially confident kids is something left to us as parents, without a lesson plan to guide us. It's fascinating...


Our Learn-Now programmes, provide us with the luxury of having scope to run our own bent on Youth Enterprise programmes. Kids enrolling with us, learn to run small product and service based enterprises, mini markets and fundraising ventures. The KidzConference opens its doors to more of them... You're welcome to set up a stall!

Background / Mission


Most of us were brought up with a view that we'd get a job one day... Few of us were ever given scope to think that running our own business, could be another one of the many alternative options. No matter how small...


To introduce the kids to the five key angles of money management: earn, save, spend, gift and invest, they need to start with some immersion, a passion, a plan, an opportunity or incentive and some support.



What they handle enroute, opens minds, doors and a savvier kid - long term. When starting 'em young, we get to teach them financial literacy in ways where we can start small, provide everyday experiences and let them learn first hand.



Running a stall enables kids to think of others - what might some like? They take a lead - step out and interact, explain, exercise their maths and discerment skills, making decisions at every step...



Public Trade Stalls


Anyone who'd like to promote a product, service or information station is welcome to set up a stall to market yourselves, to families attending the KidzConference. 


The added reality, is that Public Trade Stalls can provide an example to the kids as they consider how they may run one of their own. A school for example, may want their kids to see this 'Trade and Enterprise' section running, for inspiration for next years KidzConference.


Noel Leemings have had a space; the Operation Christmas Child charity has an annual one, as does our KidzConference administrator, with a craft focus. and there'll Sports Clubs, Scouting groups, Scrap-booking sales etc - all qualify.


For adult stalls: $20.00 per space

* ...the size of a medium dining / trestle table

* Table provided; BYO gear and staff.
* Submit an expression of interest to join in!


KidzEnterprise Stalls


Here are some examples of enterprising stalls run by kids within a range of our programmes:

  • Bath bombs

  • Homemade perfumes

  • Chocolates, Cupcakes, Treats

  • Art work sales

  • Seedlings and small potted plants.


But there are also those such as:

  • Lemonade sales

  • Pinecones and/or kindling

  • Raffles and Sponsorships


There are also activity based ones, such as:

  • An Antarctic Dip

  • Craft making

  • Ice-a-cupcake

  • Guessing games...

Cost: $5.00 per space

Please arrange an adult to help man the stall also. You could be swamped by 20-30 kids at once...

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