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Mini Market Preparation

Info for students up for the challenge.

Painted Easter Eggs

Start Now

You've got until Wednesday 31st March to prepare for your stall. Spend the weeks leading up to it, working on it. Naturally, if you're bringing baking, that's done just days before (unless you freeze some?).


Some make things for weeks and weeks, some use the weekend before. We'll have stalls by first time stall holders, to some who are in their 4th year, with the same thing  - because it works.

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Most kids have about $5 to spend. Let's aim for them to be able to get 2-3 things for their money. So just aim to pitch your highest price at no more than $3. You can of course, have a range of prices.


Some stalls will have 50c items, others will have dollar items or 'entry fees'. Some will offer a service, and do something with or for you - perhaps some face painting? Fancy nails? Braids? Arm wrestle?

Preparing Jams
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Business Team

Team up - with who you could call a 'Business Partner'. You'll have smart ideas - together with theirs, you'll have even more ideas to consider.

Some kids have got family members in mind (even consider grandparents), while others are going to team up with like-minded friends.


A team of pokemon traders are teaming up to run a trading table for example. Another's teaming up with family to sell eggs (probably to the parents who've come to collect kids from their day). Even imagine an egg painting table - after all, Easter's the weekend after the KidzConference.

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Book a Stall

Whether you're planning a book swap stall, cupcake stall, or even a game with an entry fee or raffle etc, please book in your stall. We can then PROMOTE what you're offering!

As parents or caregivers book in their kids into the KidzConference they also get scope to add in 'Mini Market' money, for us to give to their kid on the day. Some kids though may just turn up on the day with spending money - some kids may be saving up to bring their own money even!

Let us promote what you're doing, then that'll help inspire others to support your cool little business. We'll set up a promotions page here - on this site - when bookings for stalls start to come in.

Holding Books
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Market Day Info: Read more
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