Youth Enterprise: Mini Market

Open to anyone - the public included.

1. Wanted! Stall holders, young and older.


Enjoy the time leading up to the 2020 conference, preparing what you'll bring. Surprise us!  We'll have stalls by first time stall holders, to some who are in their 4th year doing the same thing they did 4 years ago. Some make things for weeks and weeks, some use the weekend before the KidzConference; some use the night before.... Some students visiting your stall will have money - but some won't either.



2. Bring your stall items by 8.20am or 2pm


Bring your items with you on KidzConference day. If you're joining us at the end of the day - just bring them then. Morning arrivals will need to look for a boy called JAKOB and a girl called KATELYN, who can show you where we will store them for the day. Get your lanyard first and make your way into the main room. Just follow the kids 'disappearing off' to the Audi - they'll be kids who've been before & know where to go... Your gear will be 'safe' for the day, and set up at 1.15pm'ish.



3. During Workshop 3: 1.15pm'ish'll be off enjoying yourself, but we have a crew of STUDENT LEADERS and EVENT STAFF, who will (carefully) bring your items to the where the Mini Market will be. It'll be the same area where you collected your lanyard earlier in the morning, from 'the Lower Lounge'. For those of you joining us for the afternoon - ask reception to show you where 'the Lower Lounge' is. A stall name will be placed on your table along with your items. If with us all day, we'll aim to let you out early from the closing session, so you can get creative with how you arrange your items.



4. Youth Enterprise / Mini Market session:


Kid stall holders: You''ll be released from the Closing Session first, so you can get into place at your Mini Market table. You'll get a 'FLOAT' - a little cash (that you can hand back at the end - if arranged with us prior). If anyone comes with $10.00 to buy something for $2.00 you'll need change to give them. The float helps. Expect 100 people to come cruising by your stall, for your service, your game, your items or information. It could even be 150-200 students... Pack down: 4pm-4.30pm.


5. Managing the interest: 3.00pm - 4.00pm+


  1. Be happy with whatever you bring - most people look, some will buy, so aim for those who'll buy. You don't need to prepare for 240 kids and all the adults. If even 10% buy - that's catering for 24-30 people.  Kids & adults are your 'customers'. 

  2. Feel free to 'dress' your table up,  to e.g. display items at different heights. Bring your own table cloths/sheets to jazz them up (you'll get a white one though).

  3. Make your table 'look' full and informative - spread items out; have prices very clearly on show (not attached to the front of the table as any one 'shopping' will stand in front of it and cover it).  Don't count on a back wall - have it on the table.

  4. Kids, always say thank you to all customers; and feel free to take orders if you run out! So, consider creating an order form, in case. You can still take money, but please ensure you have an address and phone number to complete the sale.

  5. Have enough people helping you at your table, so you can each leave and go 'shopping' yourself. You too can enjoy this session. Aim to 'pay back' any money (from e.g. parents) for the supplies you used, as your 'expenses' - and you keep what's left over as your 'profit' (or donate, as some of you are doing also!). Look for any adult with a lanyard on, for help if you need it (esp. purple lanyards).



All up: Create the fun & Enjoy the time!
For any further queries or needs
(e.g. access to power, or 'two tables' etc )
please contact Jo no later than
Tuesday 4pm, March 25th 2020
027 686 0140 or

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