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Three Optional Extras

  1. Kids: Make Money with a Stall ($5.00)

  2. Adults: Run a Trades Stall ($25.00)

  3. Adults: KidzConference Sponsorship

Ella Mini Market.png

Mini Market

The KidzConference Workshop programme finishes at 3pm. For anyone keen to stay on, we fire up a Mini Market from 3pm to 4pm, or 'til the last person or stall holder leaves. There's been some serious money made by kids - from $15.00 to $232.50!




Trade Stall

FreshAz Education Ltd's in the field of education - and educating the community in what's out there for us, is part of our bent. We invite members of the public, with something for 'families' - to share as much via a stall also.  Target group: Primary aged kids in particular.



Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 12.24.10


Said one Dad, when signing up his daughter "there should be an option to sponsor other kids..." and once sorted, a number of kids in 'Grandparents raising Grandkids' homes got to go to the KidzConference also, among others. Partnering with us comes in all forms...



It takes a village to raise a child... Invitations are open to partner with FreshAz Education, to invest in community growth and in our 8-13 year olds.

Accounting Tasks

Investing in the KidzConference:

  • present workshops

  • be a backup taxi

  • chaperone groups

  • spot prizes

  • general gopher

  • financial support

Life during the KidzConference 'whets the appetite'.
Life beyond seeks scope for new clubs. Chess? Engineering? Craft?

Aqua Touch? etc...

Construction at Mitre 10.png

Optional Extras invite broad scope to partner. Key event staff are volunteering - we sponsor much, but sustainability's key if we're to continue these.

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