What's below are items you can consider contributing to, or signing up for. You'll find these in the 'Merchandise and Membership' section, after selecting your workshops. If you're reading this after you've selected your workshops, you'll find a form below that you can still complete as your way to team up with us, some more.

a Student or Stall

Inspired by one Dad of a student coming, we've added in a suggestion of his... The ability to pay for another student. To sponsor one - or more if desired and if able.


We have 20 student leaders who we'd love to see sponsored - they are working behind the scenes, big time...


We'd love to partner with various community groups - for example Open Home Foundation, Grandparents raising Grandkis and CYF etc... Sponsorship for kids within their network would be brilliant! We've had buses sponsored, presenter gifts sponsored and even cohorts of kids... All is possible.



There's a KidzClickz Photography club you can sign a student up to; a CupCakes4Kidz Club also and even a couple of Pottery classes and craft based classes - so far.


These are KidzClubz that students can be part of any day, week, weekend, or holiday, on a term by term or annual membership basis. There are online and offline components for them all.


Any club can be joined for $20.00 - $100.00 per term. We have activities in store, challenges, competitions, extension and enrichment. You can sign up now, during the 3-5pm slot on the day, or by emailing us.

Kid chosen

There are kids who love to fund gifts such as goats, enable villages in Africa to get water tanks, or wells into their village...


There are others who like creating vege gardens to support local food banks, and others who like to donate to Riding for the Disabled; or buy potting mix for the reserve's new seedlings.


Others want to help create chicken coops in Vanuatu, or send supplies to Fiji. There's scope for you to donate any figure you'd like, if desired, to help. Students in the Learn-Now programme will develop what it takes to them be 'good stewards' of the funds and support as able.

Trades or Market Stall

The teaching cohort on the FreshAs team teaching staff teach or relieve part-time regular classrooms, which emable scope to develop more access to extension and enrichment support - both for students and later, also for leaders, educators and content builders.


One key area was a focus on Financial Literacy. With scope to train kids to 'design and develop' their own enterprise, many Learn-Now students run Mini Markets - managing goods, services, income, expenses and clients. From 3pm-4.30pm at the KidzConference. students and community groups can run a stall, make money or promote their services - for themselves. All profits are theirs.


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