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Please pay your registration fee directly into our conference account. Paid registrations will get your WORKSHOP Expressions of Interests processed ahead of those who have yet to pay. 

If you choose to pay by cash please contact
06 378 7000 or 027 686 0140



Early bird: $35.00 (April-December)

Full registration: $50.00 (Jan-March)

Subsidised by school? As advised by school.
We encourage you to automatically pay upon registration. If payment is not received, invoices will be emailed to you during March. Account details are as follows:

Account name: Conferences4kidz

Account number: 06 0689 0312185 00

Reference: Student's first names

Particulars: Student's surname name

Code: Your mobile number


Fees go toward the coverage of:

  1. Staffing (approx $5k - c/- 6 months event management / prep), with one member of the lead team volunteering / sponsoring throughout.

  2. Venue hire, IT hireage, marketing and transport costs (</> $9k)

  3. Materials and costs associated with various workshops (</> $4k)

  4. Thank you gifts and catering for presenters and volunteers (</> $2k)

  5. General resourcing e.g. administrator, event coordinators etc (</> $2k)

  6. Sponsorship / subsidies for tickets (</> $2k)


Many presenters are volunteering their time to keep costs to a minimum and providing at-cost supplies enroute. Some materials are sponsored... Know that over 40 people also volunteer their time as chaperones.


Note: This is a not-for-profit event.

Typically, we're self funding internally, or sponsoring but receive nothing in the way of operations funding to do so. We don't qualify for grants, as we're not an official Not-For-Profit (NFP), due to contract work done with other sectors (unrelated to the KidzConference). While other work's more pro-bono based, we're still officially a business, so grants are a no go.

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