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What's Manukura and his mates up to this week?


Watch this space to keep in the loop of what Manukura, his mates and the ranges at Pukaha are up to. Watch out though, because you might learn some grewsome facts that will make your little sister screm 'ewww'.

They are going to be at the upcoming KidzConference. These passionate people are going to be working alongside some of you to  clean and paint some of the  bird houses so the precious birds stay safe and warm at night, away from those nastry predctors that try to spy and sneak around. The ranges will also be explaining to us the importance of play/learning, just like us, the kaka and kokako need to interesting things to discover, such as toys, so they don't get bored and you could be helping to make these along with cutting up some of their food.

just can't wait! Neither can the ranges at Pukaha

Words from the wise Manukura

Wohoo it's my birthday soon and ill be turning 3. At pukaha they often talk about the BIG 3. These are 3 simple ways that you can help me and my friends out there. The first one is to always have your dog on a lead when you take it out for a walk. Try and think why this could be along with the next big 3 that i'll announce next week. 



Grewsome facts

Guess what I am? I am a pest to the native birds in New Zealand as I eat their eggs and chics, I can go longer than a camel without having a drink of water, I can climb high into a tree to get to a nests, and eww this is a little gross but I pee on myself and sometimes even my food.


I am a rat! Try and find out the reason why I do the 'yes i know'  gross pee thing. 

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