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2023 Registrations Welcome!
Full Fee: $60.00. Group Bookings Encouraged

Workshop Bookings Open: 1st March 2023
Additional costs may apply. E.g. High Ropes Low Ropes, Pottery & Special Effects

Note: Registering to come and booking the workshops are two separate processes.



  1. You fill out the rego form.

  2. You pay the fee to lock the rego in.
    (account details are given when the registration form's submitted).

  3. We give you access to workshop bookings before they're live to the general public.

  4. Booking workshops involves a separate process in MARCH. It often takes through 'til February for presenters to confirm. It informs bus routes, and room hire from Solway Park to local venues also.


Open to

8-13 year olds.


Digital adverts are sent to every school in the Wairarapa, early Feb, inviting schools to share the opportunity.

Please help spread the word!
A full house of 350 students will enable presenters to have 'full sessions' and for this event to break even...


When registering a student - please check it doesn't clash with another school activity.


Recommendation: Register now and let us know your child's coming. This gauges the number of workshop options and places needed. Come back when we open up the Workshop booking space - to choose 'what to do' more precisely, up to a month early.

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