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Save The Orangutans with Katelyn

Focus: Spend $10.00, or $20.00
to be part of a Syndicate Team
sponsoring an Orangutan
Total needed: $120 per Orangutan



Without the support from people like Katelyn, who sponsors $120.00 per orangutan orphan (or twin set), this species is under treat of extinction. Her money helps feed them, train them, pay for their trainers, health checks and more.

What she'd like, is to invite teams of 6 families to sponsor $20 each, so that another Orangutan or 2 or 3 can be sponsored. And maybe teams of 12 families who sponsor $10 each. It's Syndicate Sponsorship. View the official site Katelyn is a member of: The Orangutan Project

Online KidzClubz Opportunity


Katelyn is building an Online Orangutan KidzClub for students to join, learn more and follow the Orangutans that have been sponsored. She's also saving up to go to Borneo in 4 years time - and will run the trip as a Virtual Field Trip for NZ students to follow.


She's seeking club members who can come alongside her, build the club with her, and share her passion. The kids from the syndicate-sponsoring families will have free membership; and for other interested students, it'll just be a $25.00 annual membership.



Simply sponsor an Orangutan once you've selected your workshops, by donating $10 or $20 (on the next page that'll come up). Hopefully you'll be one of 5-9 others and she can announce the success of this on stage at the KidzConference!


For membership to her KidzClub, please send an email to request as much. We'll set you up and send a separate invoice.



Thank you!

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