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Signing Up: The Process


The 2016 registration process differs from last year, as it aims to streamline logistics and long term viability.  A two step process is involved, to establish interest and enable a pre-registration / early bird focus.


There's a cost splitting exercise involved as well, so that only workshop and merchandise costs go via the RegOnline registration tool we use. This eliminates the heftier cut otherwise taken by the service used - giving us more scope to stretch our intent for the kids.  We thank you for your patience as you bear with this - however we have enabled you scope to select and pay for the booking fee when booking in the workshops also (if preferred). 

Part 1: Register / Sign-up a student - $35.00
Complete the registration form.
Part 2: Book three workshops - $25.00
Bookings open: Monday 1st - 18th March


There are more workshops, more variety and more community involvement this year. With 28 workshops to choose from, students can select 3 workshops. There are typically 10 places available in any workshop, with some inviting up to 20-30 students (e.g. Noel Leeming's mobile technology team from Auckland and the Mitre 10 building team). Students are accompanied by an adult, who supports the workshop presenters. We'll aim to keep updates on the workshops as they fill up. All the best!


KidzConference 2016: Open to Y4-7s!
Thank you to just on 100 families and one school, who completed the expression of interest form during February and paid the booking fee. This greatly helps the positive focus moving on... This step in the process sets us up with a tracking record we can use on the day. You won't need anything to get into the form. We'll get automatic updates as you submit - if anything's not well, do ring Jo: 027 686 0140 to work through anything.
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