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Let's Go For It!

The Wairarapa KidzConference pitches its' 2021 date for Wednesday 31st March. We're going for it! Call it positive thinking - hopeful thinking - whatever it be, we're going to assume all will be well! The much loved (as it's become increasingly defined as) and sorely missed KidzConference 2021 is on a roll as of now! Mid January 2021, sees the work begin...

Watch the website rebuild itself; the teams develop and the workshops pile in. We're taking these KidzConferences to a whole new level - though while the general programme for the day will remain the same. the smarter edges that'll evolve will add the new tier of fun we're so ready for.

We're rolling over the enrolments that signed up last year - and if this means some Year 8's are now Year 9's - we're all good with that. After all, they're only 3 months older than the Year 8 they were as the year phased out last year.

So, welcome back!

Watch this space...


Jo Gibson & team.

Check back soon
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