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Target Audience


& Eketahuna

Call 027 686 0140

Financing Options

Tickets, Venue

& Operations

Your support will extend through out the Wairarapa & Eketahuna.


The KidzConference has scope for up to 320 students, with a good 100+ adults involved.


The adult sector ranges from the business based presenters, to the community volunteers who chaperone typically 30 groups of students around as many workshops...

We have a welcome pack that can include promotional gear through to Easter egg treats and discount vouchers - to your pens - your notepads - your invites to your clubs etc. Your call - your label - your exposure.

KidzConference logo.png

Said a Dad when enrolling his daughter - "There should be an option to sponsor other kids...".


Feel free to sponsor accordingly with $50 gaining a student a ticket - or $60 giving them access to workshops that had an extra fee to cover additional costs.

On the operations front, the actual cost of this event is $120 per ticket / per student. So we rely on support where possible, in order to make it really doable.

Grants cover charities and due to other work FreshAz does, we don't qualify for such support.


So, food for thought?

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