Target Audience

Wairarapa-wide at least 500+ viewers... 

Potentially, there are 320 students, plus parents, teachers, presenters, helpers, community partners and listeners of More FM, who'll be tuning in businesses, individuals or organisations who partner with the KidzConference. So, consider:



Handing us your flyers...

...or your pens, magnets, caps, bags, brochures etc. Ideally 200-300 for us to put into the Take-Home conference bag for each student. 

Providing spot prizes...

...or even major prizes!  We've got a spot prize table for students, and last year, items ranged from sunhats to books, and wall hangings to treats.

Sponsoring kids or us...

There are many options:

Sponsor individual kids, or groups of kids ($5000 - $60.00 each...) or even sponsorship support towards the hireage of the venue used - usually around $4000.00 - with catering and hireage of equipment included). There are

transport / bus costs ($1500.00), presenter costs ($50.00 - $500.00 includes thank you gifts), through to general event management, design and implementation, costs...($2k-$13k). Your call... :). It takes approximately $20k to pull off a KidzConference - but charging 'real fees' is impossible. We tried last year, with a $65.00 fee, but had to personally sponsor over half of the students, just to fill workshops for the presenters... It was too expensive. This year, $50.00 is the fee - where we might break even. Grants aren't possible to seek - we're not a not-for-profit - though our conferences are not-for-profits but nature. Anyone with a heart for kids and the promotion of service minded support for families and the community...? Your partnership with sponsorship would be awesome :).

Niche Market Support

How aligned to your business might we be?  Might we have anything in common? We'd like to think so - we got a broad range of portfolios... The following represents the sectors we're involved in.



We aim to provide an affordable and sustainable opportunity for students and the community. We're keen to partner with sponsors to ensure these KidzConferences are viable year after year. 

We aim to provide opportunities for kids to connect, collaborate, create and contribute - in a way that's locally driven, and globally pitched. We aim to support businesses in contributing to the growth and wellbeing of kids - exposing what's done 'behind the scenes' - to inspire and where possible, contribute in turn.


With kids as one focus on our business, running a KidzConference can't be a money-making venture. It's another cost to parents, or schools... While many a parent budgets accordingly for their kids - fees here, must still be kept to a bare-bones minimum.



For the first two years our own company, now known as FreshAz Education Ltd, sponsored the majority of all experiences to 'test the interest and enthusisam' of our kids and presenters...


Now, with kids wanting more than one conference and others approaching us to create Women's Expos, Family Conferences and so on, we're feeling confident that all's worth continuing with.


We invite our community now,  to adopt a similar Corporate Responsibility as their community based ethos. To team up with us financially - to pull these events off.   To team up, or just take a closer look at where support's invited to help please, email, phone or check out our form next.



  •  Primary / Intermediate aged families: education, health, sport, agriculture etc

  • After-school, co-curricular and activity driven families: events, hobbies...

  • Families with potential pre-school and high-school ages...

  • Youth enterprise / small business / financial literacy.

  • Extension, enrichment, empowerment, insight and experience.

  • Local, national and international charitable / missions-based drive.

  • Partnering with community  groups.

  • Increase awareness for: arts, agricultural, technical and digital literacy.

  • Leadership, self-esteem, creativity, personal contribution & life skills. 

You're invited to:

sponsor kids, promote your business, profile some info

partner with us,  or even provide your promo gear for spot prizes and/or the conference 'Take-home' bags.


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