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Financial support

This is a not-for-profit service, funded by whatever is possible through grants, donations and registration fees. We'd love to reduce fees, sponsor some students to attend, offer rewards and prizes for stunning participation and finance start up costs to whatever the great where-to-next can be, evolving from the conference. E.g. room hire for a new club; funds to employ moderators of online clubs etc.   For more read on...


Run a workshop!

If you have what it takes to run a workshop three times over the day on Tuesday 31st March, 2015, please contact Ingrid. Workshops must be able to inspire kids and develop a 'where-to-next' beyond the conference. E.g. a skill to aquire, a new club, holiday activities, future-focused goal etc... 

Become a volunteer!

To keep costs at just $45 per student, we seek a service-minded team of volunteers, who have a stunning heart for kids. Escort them to their workshops on buses, or within Solway Park. Help the workshop folk run their programme and more... Keen? Contact Jo


Register a child who'll be in Year 4, 5 or 6 in 2015.

Registrations are open now for just 320 students from within the Wairarapa. Cost: $45 per student. Registrations will activate our invoicing service. Payment will confirm a place.




Anything goes here - we'd like to involve as many community groups and foster as many ideas and logistics as possible. Help make this collaborative, community event - let us just be a few cogs in the progress.


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