Saturday 14th March

March 2020 Postponed.

As of 5pm this day, we need to officially POSTPONE the March 2020 KidzConference. Jacinda Adern has made two statements that indirectly impact it. View announcement.

  1. All travellers to NZ must self-isolate, and that applies to INGRID - who'd be coming in from Sydney. Ingrid's one of the key partners / event managers with the conference and logistically we all need her there.

  2. As an event with 'individuals in close proximity' - that too is due for 'an announcement' by the PM. We'll suspect the writing's on the wall - accordingly. 


Info we're mindful of:

  1. Not a single child has died from the virus and to date, there hasn't been any evidence of them being carriers either. We could have considered ourselves 'okay', especially with the KidzConference so close... As we profile this latest turn of events, we're only 12 days out. As preventative measures are rapidly evolving, pushing through is a call we can't make. Mindful of values such as 'taking responsibility' - as we teach the kids, best we model it in turn.  

  2. While we may be a child-based event, we are mindful that many a grandparent does the 'school run' equivalent for many kids, and so too, to/fro the KidzConference. In turn, we have several 'chaperones' who join us - many of them statistically falling within the 'at risk' cohort

  3. With an event that typically involves over 300+ people, best we not run the risk of being an event that someone was at, who long term ended up testing positive etc... We're not a ticketed event either (kids are too tricky to assume they'll stick to allocated seats, for tracking purposes). While 500 is the suggested 'cancellation' figure - we could effectively still get awkward for 20-30 schools, so, we're playing safe.


Pitching for Spring!

Aside from noting that the PM's issued a June 30th reference for the no-go to cruise ships to NZ, no real date's been planted that we can consider pitching as yet. Just October 28th is penciled in.

We're tentatively aiming for Spring - as that's when it's warmer; the intensity of winter ills are typically over and we're ready to launch into 'picking up the pace' with life in general. 

With luck - some of the workshops that couldn't operate this time - may be able to do so then. We'll retain all registrations and workshop bookings - and placements, and just defer the incredible generosity of sponsorship supports that's kicked in recently, til the time we can lock the date / a date in for real. 

We're not cancelling - far too much bounce has been invested to date, that rolling with it all, is still very much a go'er! Should you prefer to get your money back, you're most welcome of course.  Then, just redo regos and workshop bookings when all's all go again.   Send account details to

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