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KidzConference Timetable

Includes travel if necessary: Wednesday 31st March 2021

  • 8.00am - 8.25am: Arrive at the Copthorne to Sign In
    Find the table with the name of your school on it, to collect an identification lanyard and workshop card, plus a KidzConference Welcome Pack. Students will be escorted from the foyer to the 'audi' by Student Leaders.

  • 8.30am: Opening

  • 8.50am: Spotlight Speaker

  • 9.10am: Intro to workshops

  • 9.30am: Workshop 1*

  • 11.00am: Workshop 2*

  • 12.30pm: Lunch

  • 1.00pm: Workshop 3*

  • 2.30pm: Reassemble in the Auditorium

  • 2.40pm: Prizes, feedback and closing

  • 3.00pm: Finish

  • 3.00pm-4.30pm: Public and Youth Trade and Enterprise Stalls

    * (includes bus travel if offsite)

Students need to bring:

  • school bag

  • pen

  • morning tea and lunch

  • water bottle

  • sunhat

  • medications if necessary (hand to Jan Thomas: KidzConference 'Reception')

  • jacket

  • togs if they're doing Underwater Hockey or Junior LifeGuarding

  • exceptional 'conduct'

  • truckloads of enthusiasm :).


  • Optional: Money to spend at Youth Enterprise stalls @ 3pm

  • $5.00 for a Conference Cap if desired.

  • $5.00 T-shirts also available (good quality - subsidised).
    These can be purchased with the rego or booking fee. They can also be bought any time during the day.


  • We will send a merchandise ordering form to enable the clothing items to be purchased prior to the day. Your child will receive their order when signing in on the day. You'll be also welcome to pay in advance for spending money in the Youth Enterprise area - and we'll convert to cash for collection at 3pm.


More on the 'Youth Enterprise / KidzConference Mini Market' (FYI)


For the 3.00-4.00pm slot after the KidzConference your child can

a) set up a stall, to sell a product or a service, or inspire others (with a parent or support adult to help).

b) Or, just visit what a stall holder has set up - look, admire, or even buy or donate to their focus.  We will also have members of the public, such as Belgravia (from the pools), our KidzClub leaders and local organisations sharing their products and/or services. Come and experience what it takes - be inspired by what's on hand and aim to perhaps even run one during the KidzConference in 2022! 


Kid-based stall holders: 'Hire' some Copthorne 'space' for just $5.00 and every cent made from there is their own (ideally paying back parent funded expenses as well). If you know of child or an adult with a business or hobby to promote, tell them about this opportunity. Public / adult traders: $25.00 - all takings are entirely their own also.


Students opting to run a stall

get complimentary membership to

the FreshAz Education Youth Enterprise Club.

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