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Wanted: Presenters

Date: Wednesday 25th March 2020

The Wairarapa KidzConference invites locals to join us as a Volunteer 'Presenter', to run a 'Workshop' for 45-60 minutes, for 8-13 year olds.


Workshops run from 9.30am - 2.30pm. You can determine how many kids you'd like to present to - with a maximum cap of 20 students. You're welcome to add a small fee, with a cap of $10.00 per student, to cover costs.. You can even set the age limit also e.g. 12-13 year olds only.

Mission #1

We're out to support the immediate and long term growth and development in the Wairarapa, by giving kids an insight to 'whet their appetite' - perhaps experience a new sport, skill, focus, insight etc. All in the name of extending them, influencing them, helping them etc.

Perhaps it's something that may give them options to join a new club, consider wiser subject choices when off to college, or tune in concepts about 'contributing', or 'making an impact' etc..

Mission #2

If you're looking to expand your business, or generate more income, volunteer time, team up with kids're welcome to 'test their interest' or 'gauge their ability' - could KidzConference kids be a group you could team up with and take your focus to a new level?

A kids' Underwater Hockey Club?

A kids' Chess Club?

A kids' Agricultural Club?

A kids' Tramping Club?

A kids' Special Effects Art Club? Etc...

Get in Touch

If you've got an idea in mind, let's chat further...

Please leave your name and contact details, with a brief spiel about your possible workshop for kids.


On March 1st, bookings for workshops open, so to maximise a full workshop, let's lock you in by then - if our logistics and yours can be in sync... Workshop discussions can still be submitted up to March 10th.

After than - book in for the next one - or chat to us about our KidzClubz programme - for invites kids can receive after the KidzConference day itself.

Thanks for submitting!

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