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Student are to choose 3 workshops from the 28 workshops on offer.
Each workshop runs between 60 mins - 1.5 hours, depending on bus travel...

The RegOnline tool will enable you to select your choices

- when paying you've got both credit card, andonline payment options.

(Merchandise on offer when paying can also be purchased on the day).


Transport to and fro the out 'n about workshops is provided and has been built into the timing of sessions accordingly. Please arrange transport for students to arrive at the Copthorne anytime between 8.00am-8.25am, for registration. The conference will run between 8.30am-3.00pm, followed by a Youth Enterprise, and Public Exhibition and  the Buy, Sell and Exchange centre )Foyer & Lower Lounge area of The Copthorne).

The Wee Red Barn

Just what goes on behind the scenes at the Wee Red Barn? Find out and get involved! Get ready to pick scrumptious berries, see how potatoes are sorted and more. See everything from pigs to rabbits and goats also!

Learn to play chess

The Kings rule, the Queens get to go everywhere, Knights get to do some serious damage and as for the Pawns, don't underestimate them.  For an hour - control them all! Learn new tricks, or simply come to learn how to play this.

Digital world/ photography

Sophie, the tutor of our new KidzClickz Photography Club will show you the art and science of messing with photos. Learn about 3rds with your position, to sooo much more! BOYD - such as a digital camera, an iPod, or iPad. All participants of this workshop will get automatic membership rights to her online KidzClickz club for more fun.

Pukaha Ranger

This year, learn to be a Pukaha Junior Ranger. Make enrichment toys for the kaka who live at Pukaha and create gecko environments. You'll even get to undertake a mini-BioBlitz, tuning in the world of Biodiversity! Just how many creatures are living in your backyard?

King Street Art: Painting

i-Matter, OCC and Bully-Free Me Combo

Meet Francois - he's our Life Coach keen to help you manage  life'. He's the North Island Manager for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) too - where kids 'matter' even at international level for him. Hear about gifts in shoe boxes - and get a double dose of interesting stuff with the Wairarapa's Bully Free Me team.  This is a full on workshop!

Fancy yourself as an artist; Van Gogh or Monet? Ian and his team at King Street Gallery will share their expertise at working with shape, line and texture. Learn painting skills for a lifetime and all going well, you'll get more scope, with extra time in afterschool KidzClubz if keen.

FYI: Available for Workshop Rounds 2 & 3 only.

Cake decorating

Join our professional cupcake artist Jess to learn a new level of skill with cupcakes. You'll get to handle cupcakes for real - icing them and taking them away with you. Take a look at the work she does by visiting her website: - see not just the cupcakes, but also the cakes she bakes...

FYI: Workshop Round 2 is now full.
(As at 11pm Wed night 16th, Workshop 1 has just one place left before it's full.

Underwater Hockey

This year, Holly from the Genesis Recreation Centre, heads over to the Solway Park Indoor Pool to run Underway Hockey for you. This will give us alot more time to really get stuck into this. She'll bring the gear; you bring your togs and a towel, and a seriously competitive can-do attitude.


FYI: Workshop Rounds 1, 2 & 3 are now full.

Woodwork@Mitre 10

There's a seriously fired up team at Masterton's Mega Mitre 10 store, geared up to run classes for 20 kids per workshop. If you've not done one of their classes during the holidays, this is your chance now. You get the chance to make either a Bird House or a Tool Box, and take it home. This will be hugely popular, for sure!

Rock climbing and abseiling

If you love an ultimate challenge, would like to strengthen up your stamina, increase your courage and deal with great heights, this workshop is for you!  You'll be kitted out, shown what to do and coaxed along all the way. Where's the action? Over at the Equippers Church - on their wall inside.

FYI: Workshops 1, 2 and 3 are now full.


Ms Goodall, the principal of Wainuioru School, is sooooooo into squash, that she's running workshops to expose the fun of it! The gear you'll need will be provided - but make sure you bring the likes of running shoes and water bottle. You don't need to know anything about squash to come.



The title says it all really... You get to do some baking - at the Soulway Church. Last year, this class made stain-glass cookies, but this year, it's something you don't even have to cook (and includes something wonderfully sweet). You'll get to make the package it'll go home in too.


Golf driving range

Available for Workshop 3 only...  Come and whack a little white ball as far as you can! Learn the skills of holding a golf club and the satisfaction of connecting and watching your ball fly through the air. Maybe you're a new Lydia Ko in the making? Psych yourself up to getting 15 golf balls to whack. There may even be an Online Golfing KidzClub for you...

Excellent! Food! Work with a mentor from the industrial kitchens at UCOL and create your 'piece de la resistance' meal. Last year, workshop teams made pizzas, starting with the dough and ending with folding the box necessary to take it home in. This time, the item you'll cook, will reveal itself on the day.

Make a meal


For pretty much the most awesome fitness workout ever, Zumba's the thing to get stuck into.  Dance to great music, with great people! Girls and boys welcome! It's a hugely popular activity. Approx 15 million people, take Zumba classes each week, in over 200,000 locations in 180 countries!

FYI: Available only, for Workshop Round 1.

Japanese activities

Minano (Me-na-naw) from Japan, is a 16 year old exchange student living in Masterton 'til July this year. She's hugely excited to provide teams of KidzConference kids with their name in Kanji. She'll translate it and provide you with its definition also. Her mum's sending all the gear over especially for this workshop! There's also origami and sushi!

High/ low ropes

Take on the stunningly popular High Ropes / Low Ropes activity. Test out your strength and develop truckloads of courage and can-do attitudes! But be in quick, this workshop was fully booked within 2-3 days of opening last year. NB: bookings open 1st March 2016.


FYI: Workshop Rounds 1, 2 & 3 are now full.

What kids want in the Wairarapa

Last year, a team of students created a new seating design for the Masterton District Council to consider building in the Lansdown area. This year, Lynley, wants to hear what you want to see develop in the Wairarapa. Have your say - she'll share the ideas with the councils!

Judo and Jiu Jitsu

For health, fitness, co-ordination, speed, strength and balance, Simon Ogden from the Masterton Judo and Ju Jitsu Academy is primed to show you a little of what's involved. As they say there, 'every journey starts with one small step'. Girls and boys welcome.


Masterton Potter Sam Ludden will be running a team-based activity, geared to develop a kid-designed sculpture for the Aratoi Art gallery. What's more, he trialled an Afterschool Pottery Club for Kids last year and as of May will run more of these. See your conference bag for more info...

FYI: Workshop Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are full.

Learn to lead with sport

You'll love this guy - Mr Doug Bracewell... He's got a stunning variety of activities to help you become a great leader, through the art and science of sport. Resilience is his theme this year. Discover your actual strengths as an individual and see how they can benefit your performance.


Special effects makeup

Last year, after the first workshop, it looked as though a team found themselves beaten up!  But, thanks to stage make-up, their new cuts and bruises were scored painlessly. Last year UCol ran the workshop on, but this year they clash with a first-aid course they're on. However, we've found a new tutor who'll teach you how to apply the goo!


FYI: Workshops 1, 2 & 3 are now full.

Classroom of the Future! 

This a chance to experience the Classroom of the FUTURE! Ever wanted to learn more about 3D Printing? How about program and race your own robot? Ride a virtual reality rollercoast in outer space? Or even build your very own VIDEO GAME? You can do all this and MORE. So sign up and discover the future today with Noel Leeming.

Hella Coenen has developed a passion for story telling with props/puppets and she has given many workshops, teaching this form of puppetry. You will cover the basic structure of stories and impromptu story telling, using natural materials as well as hand made props such as sock puppets



Come along to Mandy's Gym. Experience the art form of gymnastics and the very cool Karpour (street gym). It's not for the faint hearted though as you'll learn to do tricks over, up and around walls and handrails. Shorts or leggings and a t-shirt will be absolutely fine.

FYI: Workshop Round 1 is now full.


Jordan Tredray is one of Masterton's drummers - and one who teaches the art of it to others as well!  He's the kind of guy who'll drum on anything - including a park bench. Come and learn a little from him and perhaps be inspired to take up drumming beyond the KidzConference!


ODC: One Day Centre for Gifted and Talented students

Ever wondered what the kids do, who go to ODC?  Well, you all get a taste of the edge that this seriously awesome programme has to offer. Bridget, the teacher, is coming to the KidzConference to run workshops of an ODC nature. She'll get your brain into gear, so come and enjoy the challenges, insights and activities.

Youth Enterprise Stalls

Available during Workshop 3 only.

For the 3-5pm slot after the KidzConference you can 

a) set up a stall, to sell a product or a service, or inspire others (with a parent or support adult of yours to help).

b) Or, you can help a stall holder set up - there'll be kids and members of the public! Come and experience what it takes - be inspired by what's on hand and aim to perhaps even run one during a Family Conference in September, or at the KidzConference in 2017! 


Kid-based stall holders: Cost of a 'space' within the Copthorne Foyer / Lower Lounge: $25.00 (added to Workshop booking fee). Public / adult traders: $75.00.

All proceeds are yours though - so go for it! (Helpers pay nothing). Those selling food made in a kitchen, must have have the appropriate permission from the Masterton District Council to do so though and display this on their stand.

Known stalls so far: Mini Marshmellow Chocolate Icecreams; Save the Orangutans; Noel Leemings; KidzClub Membership - sign ups;  Photos with Sophie; Operation Christmas Child...

Workshops that are full, will no longer show in the list of workshops you can select from, when booking.


* These workshop 'full' messages are as up-to-date as manually possible at our end.


Just know that if a workshop you want isn't available to select, it's been booked out (between our checks). 

Timetable (includes travel if necessary)

  • 8.00am - 8.25am: Arrive at the Copthorne to Sign In
    Find the table with the name of your school on it, to collect an identification lanyard and workshop card, plus conference bag.

  • 8.30am: Powhiri
    Students will be escorted from the foyer to the combo Solway III and IV room, to be known as the 'auditorium'.

  • 8.40am: Opening / Hype

  • 8.50am: Spotlight snapshots

  • 9.10am: Distribute to workshops

  • 9.20am: Workshop 1

  • 10.50am: Workshop 2

  • 12.30pm: Lunch

  • 1.00pm: Workshop 3

  • 2.40pm: Prizes, feedback and closing

  • 3.00pm: Finish

  • 3.00pm-5.00pm: Public and Youth Trade and Enterprise Stalls


  • school bag

  • pencil case

  • own healthy lunch (morning tea will be provided)

  • water bottle

  • sunhat

  • medications if necessary

  • jacket

  • recommended workshop extras (where advised above)

  • (Optional: $5-$10 to spend at Youth Enterprise stalls)

  • $8 for a Conference Cap if desired...available to buy from 8.00am-8.30am and during the breaks. A limited supply of T-shirts will also be available.

Students need to bring:

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