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Workshop Examples
 Below are those from 2017 - those with an asterix have been confirmed for 2018.

Student choose 3 workshops from those on offer as of March each year.
Each workshop runs between 60 mins - 1.5 hours, depending on bus travel...

The booking tool will enable families to select the choices - workshops no longer featuring, will mean they have been booked out.  When paying for any workshops with an additional cost, there's both credit card, and online payment options.



Transport to and fro the out 'n about workshops is provided and has been built into the timing of sessions accordingly. Please arrange transport for students to arrive at the Copthorne anytime between 8.00am-8.25am, for registration. The conference will run between 8.30am-3.00pm, followed by a Youth Enterprise, and Public Trades Stall Exhibition, in the Foyer & Lower Lounge area of The Copthorne. Students can be picked up from 3pm and no later than 4.00pm.

Wee Red Barn*

Just how do you run a market garden?! How easy is it and what do you need to do.?  Get ready to pick strawberries, see how potatoes are sorted and more! See everything from pigs to rabbits and goats also. This workshop is so popular, some kids go every year! 

No extra cost.

Learn to play chess

The Kings rule, the Queens get to go everywhere, Knights get to do some serious damage and as for the Pawns, don't underestimate them.  For an hour - control them all! Learn new tricks, or simply come to learn how to play this.

No extra cost.

LakeHouse Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Queen Elizabeth Park, is the Lakehouse Cafe. Last year, kids enjoyed being a chef, making their own hamburger and fries, and iced themselves a cupcake to follow! This place has great potential - contribute some ideas for it also!



Pukaha Ranger*

Learn to be a Pukaha Junior Ranger. Make enrichment toys for the kaka at Mt Bruce / Pukaha, and create gecko environments. You'll even get to undertake a mini-BioBlitz, tuning in the world of Biodiversity! How many creatures are living in your backyard?

No extra cost.


Meet Francois, the North Island Manager for Operation Christmas Child - the world's LARGEST PROGRAMME for KIDS! Here's where kids, who've never had a gift, or have never been to school 'matter'.   Hear about his trip to Cambodia in January 2018, and hear how you can contribute, time, and/or gifts to this.

Operation Christmas Child*

No extra cost.


Open for 10 year olds and above.
Never before have we had Archery at the KidzConference. Here's something to sharpen the skills of concentration, focus and working with the concept of a target. 

Instructor: Chris Gorman.

New for 2018: Archery!*



Underwater Hockey*

This will run from the Solway Park Indoor Pool to run Underway Hockey for you. The pool's by the Golf Driving range - inside, by the cafe. We'll provide the gear; you bring your togs and a towel, and a seriously competitive can-do attitude!  If you'd like this gear for a birthday party for example - sing out - we hire it out also.


$5.00 extra

Mitre 10*


Mega Mitre 10 have done it again!  They are, geared up to run classes but this time with woodcraft for 20 kids per workshop. If you've not done one of their classes during the holidays, this is your chance now. 

No extra cost.

Rock climbing and abseiling*


If you love an ultimate challenge, would like to strengthen up your stamina, increase your courage and deal with great heights, this workshop is for you!  You'll be kitted out, shown what to do and coaxed along all the way. Where's the action? Over at the Equippers Church - on their wall inside.



New for 2018: Horse riding!


This is new to the KidzConference this year. Details are currently being finalised. Extra cost - or not, unknown. This is both a trust and confidence building skill...


?? extra cost.

High Ropes / Low Ropes*


Test out your strength and develop loads of can-do courage and attitudes! But be in quick! This workshop was fully booked within 2-3 days of opening for all previous conferences. The additional fee covers several qualified instructors necessary for the health & safety of this activity.





Sima's joined our FreshAz Education's team, as our 'Engineer' expert. One minute it's Chemical Engineering with her, then 'Nek Minit' it's  Computer Engineering, teaching our Learn-Now students coding galore! However, it's Civil Engineering for this conference, with bridge building and more... Macaroni's even involved!

Civil Engineering


No extra cost.



Masterton Potter Sam Ludden will be running a Clay Mask making activity. You'll even get to take it home! What's more, last time we met - he was keen to run an online Afterschool Pottery Club for Kids. If you're interested in this also, contact Jo:



New for 2020: Steel pan drums!*


Meet Marion - we're hoping she'll come down from Tauranga with a van full of steel pan drums!  There's scope for 24 students in groups of 8 to be able to play these - with Marion teaching you. To check out a little more - listen to some of this clip.


No extra cost.


Come and whack a little white ball as far as you can! Learn the skills of holding a golf club in Workshop B in particular and for both, enjoy the satisfaction of connecting and watching your ball fly through the air. Maybe you're a new Lydia Ko in the making? Psych yourself up to getting 30 golf balls to whack. Online Golf KidzCLub: sound fun? Tell us so.

Golf driving range*



Easter Treats @ UCol*


Excellent! Food! Work with a mentor from the industrial kitchens at UCOL and create an EASTER TREAT! Hmmm...tricky. Who's going to manage to keep their treat til Easter? Be inspired by this one - consider making more of these at home, creating home-made Easter gifts...






How fit are you? Come and take it to a whole new level. Girls and boys welcome! This is a strengthening and conditioning fitness programme - typically for police, military and athletes. It's similar to CrossFit. 

No extra cost.

Kraft Dat #1: Magnetic Notebooks


Do you like to play around with colour and texture?! This year you will be amazed at your own ability as you follow what Christine has for you, using a notebook, a card and a magnet. All's destined for a fridge in the end! This is a very good class for anyone who's a beginner with trendy paper craft.


extra cost.

Special effects makeup *


This is an awesome workshop! You'll create cuts and bruises but scored painlessly so. Your tutor will teach you how to apply the goo!  This workshop gets booked out quickly so be fast to secure your spot for serious damage!! Warning to parents - this workshop will look as though we seriously injured your child...!



Make Money!


You could be part of this workshop to:

  1. Set up your own stall to make money, for the 3pm-4.30pm slot. Though, you'll need to spend March preparing what you'll sell, show, or have kids doing.

  2. Or be a 'business partner' for a kid setting up a stall - learning from them!
    Scroll down to see more details.




Pet care! What's needed for dogs - really? How do Animates run their business around animals? Come to this workshop for a look behind the scenes. Who knows - maybe there's some surgery on the go as well? Maybe even ask how big Gold Fish grow! This had become full - now they've granted us more spaces (as of March 8th). Thanks!!

No extra cost

Kraft Dat #2: Box of flowers


Now here's art with a difference! These can be made as a large gift for someone - or as something you'd like to make for yourself. Perhaps the one you make at the KidzConference is yours, then you make one to give away. Who to? Think about it.



Kraft Dat #3: Paper bag scrapbooking


(Picture coming...). Taking photos is such the coolest thing to do. But, what do you do with them? This workshop will help you make a paper bag scrapbook that will hold them all. You could make one for yourself here and another one for someone else later.



Make-a-crate: 3D Printing*




3D printing is all the rage now and an insight into what's involved is live at the KidzConference this year. There's a design technology angle involved and tune in the name - you get to make a (miniture) crate. This is excellent!

Coming also for 2018:





Automotive Engineering far!


Book workshops (March 1st)

Workshop bookings open Thursday 1st March. This will be the standard process for this year and all future KidzConferences. When you register how, please do put your preferred workshops - if you do so, there's a high chance you'll get them!

This form registers your student with the KidzConference organisers, for tracking and logistical purposes. Once registered, await the email Feb 27th/28th with the heads' up that workshop bookings have opened.

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